Indy Premier Travel Program

At Indy Premier we aim to develop players to the best of their ability by focusing on growth in the four pillars of the game: Technical, Tactical, Physical, and Psychological. Along with working on these four pillars as part of our club wide curriculum, we strive to grow each player’s passion and love of the game so they have increased desire to compete, work hard and improve. We expect all our players and teams to maintain the very highest standards with respect to sportsmanship and respect, which are staples of the Indy Premier experience.


All Indy Premier travel teams are led by a coach belonging to the largest, most experienced, highest licensed staff in the state of Indiana and overseen by our clubs full-time coaching directors. We have numerous full-time employees who are dedicated every day to making the experience of our players, teams and families a positive one.Your child will receive first-class training and instruction regardless of their team level.

Our coaching staff communicates daily regarding players and their performances.  Every player is closely monitored throughout the year in order to ensure that each player is challenged appropriately and developing in a competitive environment. In all age groups we reward players who are excelling with opportunities to move up a level of play for training and games if they meet the desired standards.

U8 and U9 Players

At Indy Premier, we understand the importance of developing technical proficiency at the younger ages. Our U8 and U9 players focus on individual skill and decision making in order to reach their full potential as they continue through the program. The objective at these ages is to instill confidence in the player’s ability by helping them master the fundamentals of dribbling passing and shooting all while developing a passion for the game in a fun, player centered environment.  

U10 - U18 Players

Our teams in the U10-U18 age groups are ability based. Below is a breakdown of the different levels of play.


Elite teams consist of the top players in the age group. Elite level players will compete against the highest regional level competition possible. Our U10 - U12 age groups feature Elite Pools consisting of 20-24 players that have been identified as capable of playing at the elite level. Pools train together with two coaches and are then grouped into two teams – Elite I and Elite II for games and tournaments.


Second-level team in an age group. Will play at ability relevant level of play in Indiana.

Mundial and Samba

Developmental levels of play in each age group. Will play at ability relevant level of play in Indiana.