School Visits

Did you know that Indy Premier plays an integral part in serving schools within our local community? Since May of 2016 our professional staff have ran sessions for over 20 different schools, spanning 70 days, and serving almost 5,000 kids! The best part - there is no cost!

Noble Crossing was the first school we visited and their P.E teacher, Amy Brown, had this to say about our program. "Noble Crossing has partnered with Indy Premier since 2016. The school program is a great way to enhance your PE program!  Not only will it get students excited about soccer, but physical activity in general. The coaches are passionate and knowledgeable about their content and provide a fun learning environment for our students. 

Activities are designed and specific for each grade level. Students of all ages benefit from these sessions. It also teaches skills such as sportsmanship, teamwork and respect. The school program brings a new level of energy and excitement to my gym! My students look forward to our sessions each year and it has encouraged several of them to get involved outside of school." 

If you would like to schedule a school visit contact Simon Rawnsley. We also take full advantage of the fact that we have the use of two wonderful indoor facilities and can arrange for your program to come to us!