Indoor Adult League FAQs


Q: Where is the new facility at Washington Business Park?

A: 9741 East 153rd Street, Noblesville, IN 46060 near 146th St. and US-37 Address and maps can be found here.  Use Apple Maps when using navigation tools.

Q: What do we wear for uniforms?

A: Teams will provide their own existing uniforms, create uniforms specific for indoor team or default to bringing a set of shirts.  (1) Black (DARK) and (1) White (LIGHT).

Q:  What shoes can players wear?

A:  Any soccer shoe that doesn't have metal spikes or toe cleats.  Examples of shoes to wear for the turf; molded cleats, turf shoes, flats or tennis shoes.  All footwear should be cleaned and free from mud or dirt.  Examples of shoes not to wear for the turf; high top baseball & football cleats, track spikes, sandals, combat boots, roller skates.

Q:  Do players need shin guards?

A: They are recommended but not required.

Q:  Do players need a ball for games?

A: No, game balls will be provided.

Q:  Where do the players leave their bags, drinks and other equipment?

A:  Outside of the playing area.  No drinks or equipment should be on the field during the duration of the game.

Q:  Where do we park?

A: Both the north and south side of the facility provides parking.

Q:  How do I see our roster and schedule?

A:  On the PlayMetrics app. How to add the app to a mobile device.

Q:  How do I add additional family members to our player account in PlayMetrics?

A:  Adding additional family members to account

Q: What are the rules for indoor soccer?

A:  Rules are posted on our website here.

Q: Do we have practices?

A: No, our leagues just provide games. Other options are available through our Sunday morning pick up games