InItLive General Information & Registration Instructions

General Information

  • Reminder, unless you purchased a volunteer buy-out, each family is required to work 4 HOURS.Shift times may vary.There is a financial penalty for not signing up for the required shifts or failing to show up for shifts.
  • Once tournament game schedules are released, if there is a time conflict with your player’s game(s) and the shifts you have picked, you can edit your volunteer schedule by logging back in and following the signup steps.
  • The preferred internet browser to use this volunteer system is Firefox or Google.Safari. Internet Explorer MAY work.The InitLive website is best viewed and easiest to navigate for volunteer sign up on a computer screen NOT a phone or tablet.
  • There is an InitLive app.It has limited capability and primarily used for management of an event, so I do NOT recommend you download or use it.While it may allow you to sign up for a shift from your phone/tablet, it will be a different process than described in my instructions below.It also offers the capability for you to check in for a shift remotely (not onsite), but this function will NOT be available for the Halloween Classic Tournament.

Instructions for selecting a volunteer shift for the Halloween Classic

  1. Click on this sign up link:
  2. Set up an account (or log in if you are a current user)
  3. Click on “Halloween Classic Tournament 201” or it may automatically kick you to the next step
  4. Click on “skip” IF a pop-up box that says “pick and request” appears
  5. You should be on “step 1”, where 2 “qualifications” are listed. ("Qualifications" are really requirements or reminders, but InitLive doesn't permit a verbiage change in this step.) You need to check both boxes, which acknowledges that you understand those “qualifications”and then click on “save”.You MUST acknowledge ALL “qualifications” before you will be allowed to select a shift.
  6. After clicking on “save” a pop up box will say “save successful” and then click “ok, continue”
  7. Step 2 will be to select the role(s) you would like by checking the box then click “save”
    1. Select all roles in which you are interested so that shifts for all of those roles will appear in step 3.
  8. After clicking on “save” a pop up box will say “save successful” and then click “ok, continue”
  9. Step 3 is to select the shift(s) you would like to work.Check the boxes of the shift(s) you would like to work and then click “save”
  10. If you would like to select another shift in a role that you did not initially select, you will have to select “home” in the menu at the top of the screen, then click on “halloween classic tournament” and go through the steps described above.

You can also visit the video tutorial that walks you through the steps.