All teams are responsible to upload the following documents to their GotSoccer account:

1. Official Team Roster - (Tournament Keeps A Copy)

  • Must be an Official Roster signed by a governing body official (registrar).This signature is often in stamp form or printed in a different color
  • All players not participating should be marked out with a Pen or Marker
  • Guest Players - Please write the names on the copy of the official roster. All Guest Players must have a player pass and medical release form.

2. Player/Coach Cards -

  • Must be Official Player/Coach Cards - No Photocopies will be accepted.
  • Must be Laminated.
  • All participating players and coaches must have an official card.
  • All cards and the matching roster must be from the same governing organization (USYS or US Club).

3. Team Medical Release Waiver (Must be completed for all participants)

Team Medical Release Waiver

4. COVID-19 Protocols and Procedures Acknowledgment Form

           COVID-19 P&P Acknowledgement Form

5. Travel Permit - (Out of State Teams Only)

  • All teams traveling from out of state must submit a Permission to Travel from their state association.
  • US Club soccer teams are not required to have travel permits