Turf Fest 2021

Though 2020 had its challenges, we are looking forward to continued growth and accomplishments in 2021 at Indy Premier. We are excited to continue our fundraising event, formally known as WinTURFest, to be hosted at Trinity Sports Park, April 5! This event is an excellent opportunity for our athletes to come together in a fun environment focused on the sport we all love while also having the chance to win some great prizes. This year’s day of activities will include:

  • A full-sided game running continuously throughout the event
  • Indy Premier Juggle-a-thon
  • Photo Booth
  • Sponsored activities/games hosted by organizations within the Indiana soccer community.

Also included in this year’s event are three different ways to earn prizes while helping our organization raise funds for future projects that help us provide the best learning and safe playing environments possible for our players. 

1. Reach one of our individual fundraising goals and receive prizes that include a mini ball, Indy Premier branded sweatshirt, and professional club jersey!

2.Take your place as one of the top 10 individual fundraisers in the organization. Prizes include a full Indy Premier scholarship for the upcoming 2021/22 season, a $600 Amazon gift card, a total 2021/22 uniform package, and much more!

3. Participate in the Juggle-a-thon to raise funds:

Pledge (March 9 - April 5) - Go to your personal fundraising page on Rally Up. Send your custom link to your family and friends and ask them to pledge a designated amount for every juggle you do in 60 seconds.

Practice (March 8 - April 5) - Set aside some time every week to practice your juggling and prepare for the event!

Perform (April 5) - Every player who attends our TURF Fest event and has at least one pledge will dedicate a portion of their time to their juggling attempts. Each player will have 3, 60-second attempts to get as many consecutive juggles as possible. If the ball drops, start again from zero. Designated coaches will record your highest score.