Indy Premier Tryout FAQs & Info

Returning Players
The evaluation process for our players is ongoing throughout the year.  Coaches and Directors review each players performances in training and games year round.   A mistake (or a bad night) at tryouts is not going to erase a year of progress in the eyes of coaches choosing teams . . . the same as one moment of brilliance will not.  Players who go into tryouts trying to add to their body of work will fare better than players who believe the tryout process alone will make or break them.

New Players
New players will be assessed against existing players to see where they fit in. Multiple coaches will view new players to ensure that we do not miss anything and that we make as fair an assessment as possible in such a short amount of time.

Player Movement
One of the most challenging aspects of the tryout process for everyone, is the movement of players both up and down to ensure the teams are balanced with similar level playing abilities.  For the coach, it is very easy to move a player up a level and congratulate them on the achievement. It is however, very difficult to move a player down, even though it will be for the best, long term for the players development. If this happens, please consider the benefit of being the top player and earning the majority of playing time on the lower level team vs being the 17th/18th player on the higher level team, and spending a year with limited playing time and the frustrations that come along with that situation.

Parents Attending Tryouts 
If you as a parent are anxious about the process for your child, you’ll serve your child better by staying further away from the fields.  If you are anxious one of our best recommendations is to register your child, tell him/her to “have fun” and "work hard", and smile while they head to the fields.  Then run some errands or find a nice place to read. If your child sees no anxiety in you, he or she will have less anxiety too.

The Rumor Mill
The tension associated with tryouts leads to exaggerated emotions and rash decisions if families are not careful.  Opposing clubs will promise to provide anything they think will make you leave your current club.  Families considering a move will also try to bring families with them.  You’ll also hear gossip about coaching changes and players on their way in or out. It is our experience that most of the rumors and stories surrounding tryouts are false, or over exaggerated.  Try not getting caught up in the gossip as this will will significantly reduce your stress during the tryout process.  If you wish to ask a question or get clarification on something, just ask your coach! Only this avenue will provide accurate information.

Q. Can my child play up an age group?
. We recommend all new players tryout in their birth year at tryouts unless they talk to one of our DOC's first about playing up. All current Indy Premier players should have had the conversation about which birth year to play with their coach or age group director ahead of tryouts.  Anyone wishing to tryout in an older birth year needs to notify the relevant Boys or Girls DOC prior to tryouts if you haven't done so already.

Q. If I miss tryouts is there anyway I can still make a team?
. Yes. Current players simply need to register and notify the relevant Boys or Girls DOC of their intention to play next season, but will be out of town.  Team email offers will still be sent out to those players after tryouts.  New players need to notify the gender specific DOC as soon as possible to set up a supplemental evaluation.

Q. Do I need to register online or in person?

All players need to create a Demosphere account and register a minimum 24 hours in advance of tryouts/evaluations. Registering on the date at the tryout venue (online is fine) is slow and could cause potential issues in communication later in the process.
Register here: 

Q. When will we find out tryout results?
. We will begin making team offers as soon as possible on the day of tryouts and all players will receive an email within 24 hours of the end of the 2nd tryout day stating that they have a spot on X team and to accept within 24 hours.  Players who do not make a team will also receive an email in the same time period. Our goal is always to find a place for players to play at Indy Premier and that any player wanting to commit to travel soccer has the opportunity to play at an appropriate level for that player. There are many variables every year and our staff is prepared, and experienced at improvising to make the tryouts process run smoothly.
Please note that some players will get offers before others. This happens! We can only call/email so many people at the same time, and in order to form multiple teams, we have to start with the highest level team first because of the knock on effects that can cause serious issues. For example, if we have 4 teams in an age group and offer 16 spots right away to each team, what happens if 2 players from each team decide not to accept? We now have to move two-four players up from each team to the next highest level and we are now telling people they are playing on a different team to the one they were originally offered. We also then get left with a team that only has 12 players and that is now not enough to form a team! This is the reason why we have to form teams from the highest level first.

Q. What is the process for accepting my spot?

A. After you receive email with your team offer- Click Accept and you will be taken to your Demosphere account that you used to register your son/daughter for evaluations/tryouts.  Once you click this button you will commit to the full year with Indy Premier as well as volunteer hours and be asked to enter a credit card and make a deposit to hold your spot.  We offer varied payment plans to ease the burden of travel fees as well.  

Q. Why do I only have 24 hours to secure my accepted spot?
. Every player’s acceptance or decline has an effect on every team/ player in the age group so it is important to secure your commitment so that we can properly form teams in age groups.

Q. Is there a process for appealing a players position on a team if they don't like their placement?
. No- the tryout process is handled 100% by our coaching staff, free from any outside influences or club politics.  Our coaching staff select players to play on teams where they believe twill be best for that players development over the next 12 months.  We fully understand that this might not always be in line with what the player or parents think.  This is a common occurrence and we understand that these differences will happen. Soccer is after all a game of opinions at all levels of play!  There is however, no process for any appeals on team placement.

Q. How long is the Travel commitment?

. Fall Season (U8-U15) is August-October    * U10-U14 Elite teams begin training in July
    Winter 1 Season (U8-U19) November- December *
    Winter 2 Season (U8-U19) January-March *
    Spring Season (U8-U19) April-June

* We have many players who play other sports throughout the year and we always find a way to this. Basketball over the winter is the biggest other sport that our players play and we make it work.

Q. What if there is bad weather closing the outdoor fields?
. In the event of bad weather, tryouts will be moved indoors and we will notify all via email of their updated tryout schedule.   
Please check the Indy Premier website ( as well as our club Twitter account @IndyPremierSC and Facebook page "Indy Premier Soccer Club", for an up-to-date notice of where try-outs will be located.  
Tryouts at Trinity Sports Park will be moved to the indoor facility on site at that location. Tryouts at New Hope will be moved to our Crosspoint indoor facility.

Upon acceptance/deposit of team spot each family agrees/acknowledges the below Indy Premier policies:

Commitment/Refund Policy
My commitment is for the 2019-20 Travel Year. If I elect to leave after registering with Indy Premier, and before completion of the 2019-2020 season commitment, there will be no refund of fees and the player will be unable to participate in the 2019-2020 season with any other club. The exception to this would be if the player's family moves a distance greater than 50 miles from the Hamilton County area or a season ending medical issue.

Volunteer Policy

I acknowledge and agree to team volunteer obligations consisting of field preparation (preseason) and field maintenance (in-season). Preseason field preparation consists of field layout, net hanging and initial field lining. In-season field maintenance consists of field lining, goal inspection and net maintenance. I also acknowledge that all U8-U15 parents must volunteer to work during the Halloween Classic Tournament; a minimum of two, 2-hour shifts per player may be required.