Premier Tekkers - Indy Premier's individual player development program

We are always telling the players to do more with the ball at home and many times it's difficult for them to identify specific exercises to complete and techniques to practice. The Premier Tekkers program encourages players to spend time with a ball on their own and we provide videos and resources to help nurture their passion for soccer!


Online Video Library

This is where players can find different technical training videos and homework sheets so they have ideas of what to work on from one week to the next and can track their progress.

Premier Tekkers Website

Small Group Training

Additional technical touches and coaching instruction to supplement our players' weekly training schedule. Each Small Group Training (SGT) session will involve 1000’s of game-related touches that will improve our players' control and comfort level with the ball, building up their confidence in the process! Each SGT session is 60 minutes long and will run on weeknights at our indoor faciltiies prior to regular team training. SGT sessions will be ran by Simon Rawnsley, our program lead for Premier Tekkers.

Please contact to sign up for SGT, sessions start soon and spots are filling up fast!