Indy Premier Financial Aid Policy

Financial assistance for club fees is available on a need basis annually. The amount of assistance available for any given year is dependent on the number of players requesting assistance and the amount of money available during the specific season.  Indy Premier will strongly consider any application that contains proof of the family’s qualification for free/reduced school lunch programs through the player’s school system and any family experiencing a current financial hardship. All families are expected to pay the registration deposit and any remaining funds not covered under scholarship will be spread out over course of entire seasonal year. 

*Scholarships do not cover uniforms, travel costs, or any additional turf rental/friendly fees.

The amount of financial assistance available to an individual player will be limited to a maximum of fifty percent of the player’s total club fees (not including uniforms, travel costs, or any additional turf rental/friendly fees).  Families may also participate in our Earnings Program to help cover the cost of remaining player fees.  Failure of player/family to pay remainder of fees in a timely manner will result in player card being withheld for any competitions until fees are paid up to date.

Players/families that receive financial assistance from Indy Premier are expected to participate in volunteer opportunities within the Club and to be advocates and role models for the program.  Applications may not be considered if received after the deadline for submittal- 2018-19 Application Deadline is June 18.

The Fin Aid Policy can be here.