Service and Innovation

Our sales team specializes in creating customized programs to complement your special occasion. Whether your budget is modest or unlimited, we will work with you so that, in the best fashion, you can recognize your colleague’s years of service, convey appreciation, or award superior achievement. There is no middleman when you work with the Bardach team, so you can speak directly to the technician producing your custom award at any time.

Our clients are our partners, and we work hard to anticipate their needs and meet their demands for new and different products. To that end, we invest in the latest technology and equipment, such as our new fiber-mark laser, which marks 2-D data matrixes, bar codes, logos, and serial numbers (to name just a few possibilities) directly on a variety of surfaces, including anodized aluminum, bare metals and alloys, brass, stainless steel, titanium, ceramics, and engineered plastic.

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