Welcome to the Indy Premier Soccer Club. The club was founded in 2014 to provide Northeast Indianapolis players the opportunity to develop their skills and participate in the highest level Soccer. Our club is committed to offer every player the opportunity to play at the highest level, including ISL, MRL and showcase-caliber tournaments.

At Indy Premier, there is a high level of expectation for each player. Long-term success in the game requires a positive attitude and a desire to improve. Successful people are active, constantly striving to improve, and they see failure and rejection only as temporary obstacles, not as career ending events. When confronted by a challenge, they immediately address it. You can achieve anything you want in the game if you have the desire.

Mission Statement

To create respect and passion for the game; technically sound, tactically aware, and hard working young people.  Create a very competitive training environment where players strive to become better everyday.